How Can You Avoid Clogs in Your Drains?

Drains: They’re great for cleaning life’s messes out of your home.

Clogs: They’re great for keeping those messes IN your home.

Everything on earth – sentient, mechanical, and undecided – has its weakness, its kryptonite, its ONE thing that’ll break it and turn it from something useful to something useless.

For your drains, that something is a clog. But a clog doesn’t simply congeal out of thin air. No, indeed, clogs are the result of months and years of your drains’ taking in and taking on more than they are equipped to handle.

So, how can you prevent these drain clogs from happening?

Well, there are quite a few things you can do, indeed! While this might sound like frustrating news (after all, if there is a lot you can do to prevent clogs, then it stands to reason that there is a lot that can CAUSE clogs), what ISN’T frustrating in the least is the steps you can take to prevent clogs in your drains.

If you want to continue to enjoy cleaning life’s messes out of your home without any hitches or headaches, then just read on for a few tips for keeping your drains draining for years to come!

Don’t Dispose of Grease in the Sink

We’re going to open with the most obvious piece of advice out there: Don’t put any grease down your sink!

We know, we know. The urge is strong. You’re in the middle of preparing dinner, pots are boiling, bread is about to burn, and you still have to drain this darn meat. Just pop a colander in the sink, upend that meat, and be done with it. Run some hot water, and you’re good.

But you’re not good! No matter how you do it, draining grease in the sink will NEVER work out in the end. Our advice: Just don’t do it! Dispose of your grease in an old can and dispose of THAT somewhere else – somewhere besides your sink’s drain!

Get A Screen For Your Bathroom Drain

Despite not having fur like other animals, humans are amazingly hairy creatures. And nothing is ever MORE aware of just how hairy we can be than our bathroom drains are.

After just a few showers, your bathroom drain will begin to look a little less like a drain and a little more like Cousin It. It might look gross – and certainly it is – but looks aren’t everything, as they say. And in a hair-clotted drain’s case, the rest of everything is functionality . . . of which it will have none.

But unlike pouring grease down the sink, you can’t avoid bathing and the resultant hair collection you’ll accrue. What you CAN avoid is getting that collection to collect in your drain, becoming a clog. All you have to do is get a screen for your bathroom drain, and that little Cousin It in your tub will never get a chance to develop!

Clean Your Drains

Clean your room! Clean the kitchen! Clean the bathroom! If you’re lucky enough to have a home to live in, then you’re also unlucky enough to have to clean, clean, clean every single day to keep that home looking great.

And we hate to tell you this, but there’s one more thing you need to add to your cleaning list: your drain. Drain cleaning is a necessity in avoiding clogs and foul odors.

But how exactly do you clean your drains? By dismantling them and blowing out the filth like a dart gun? Please don’t. Instead, use some more sensible methods. Try running hot water down the drain after each use to ensure that oils and food flush away before they become a clog. You can also knock out odors and keep away nasty buildups with a combination of either baking soda or vinegar and hot water.

We Can Also Help!

It’s important to keep your drains unclogged so that you can continue to enjoy just about the most useful installation in your home for a good, long time to come. But even the best work sometimes falls flat, and you could STILL find yourself dealing with a clogged drain.

Should that happen, don’t pull your hair out. Just call on your local Louisville plumber at Austin Bryan Plumbing, and we’ll get your drain cleaned and unclogged so that you can enjoy the great installation that is your home plumbing once more!