When Should You Repipe Your Home

When Should You Repipe Your Home?

Your home’s piping is the veins that allows your plumbing system to be worth anything. And just as vein damage can lead to your inability to – well – live maybe, pipe damage can lead to your plumbing system’s inability to do its job: get water to and from your home.

Like anything, over time, your piping will wear down. And once this wear has progressed enough, you could find yourself unable to use your plumbing. And in our modern times, when plumbing is about as vital as breathing, the thought of going without plumbing is unthinkable.

Don’t wait until you’re at the point where you’re without plumbing before you get your piping fixed. Handle the problem before it becomes a problem by learning the signs that indicate you’re about ready for a repiping. And just what are those signs?

If you don’t know, just read on, and we’ll elucidate you on the subject so that you can avoid being surprised by a lack of working plumbing by knowing WHEN to get a repipe!

When You Notice Faded, Flaking Pipes

If you are able to see your pipes (in your basement or somewhere where piping is visible), you might notice that some of this piping isn’t in the best shape it could be in. If you notice old, worn-out looking piping in your home, then you’re about due for a repiping, as that old material could wear down on you before you know it.

When You Get Frequent Leaks

Let’s say you can’t spot much of your piping. Or maybe you can – but that’s only a small segment of it. There’s still plenty you CAN’T see. But that’s okay. Should that piping begin to experience any trouble, YOU’LL know. And you’ll know as you begin to experience frequent leaks and pipe bursts. Frequently breaking pipes are a good sign that it’s about time to get a repiping.

When Your Piping Is Getting Too Old

Like anything, piping won’t last forever. All piping materials have their own lifespans (which you can easily determine with a Google search or a call to your preferred plumber in Louisville), and once they reach their respective limits, that’s it. You’ll experience a domino effect of piping issues such as the ones mentioned above. If your home’s piping is about to outlive its usefulness, don’t hesitate: Get a professional repiping today!

Call A Louisville Repiping Expert You Can Trust

If you notice any of these signs or any other sign that indicates your piping is just about ready to go, then act today and call on an expert to repipe your home – an expert such as the experienced pros at Austin Bryan Plumbing!